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The ANTA E-Journal is published three times per year. It contains original articles from Neurophysiology Technologist’s working within Australia, information about syndromes and applications of EEG, reviews of published journals and books, and advertising material from companies associated with Neurophysiology.

Cumulative Index:

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The ANTA Executive Council and the ANTA Journal Coordinator do not take responsibility for or validate, comments made by contributing authors or advertisers about equipment and its usage.

Instructions to Authors:

ANTA will accept submissions of articles, case studies, reviews, syndromes and disorders, applications of EEG and advertising related to the field of Neurophysiology. Each submission is subject to review by the E-Journal Coordinator and/or ANTA Executive Council. Advertising for the conference and other educational events for technologists is also encouraged see online application below for advertising submissions.

The article should be in Microsoft Word, 1.5 spaced, font Arial, font size 12, and paper size A4. Submissions are to be emailed to the E-Journal Coordinator. Please contact the coordinator if this is not practical so other arrangements can be made. Original illustrations should be of publishable quality. Explanatory notes for any illustrations must be included. Article will be reformatted to the layout used in each journal.

Any images, tables, scans etc taken from other journals or books must have copyright permission gained to be published in the ANTA Journal. A letter from the company must be provided when submitting the article for publication in our journal in this situation.

References in the text and in the reference list should use APA referencing. Titles of journals should be abbreviated, in conformity with the World List of Scientific Periodicals.

Submissions or enquiries regarding journal subscriptions should be sent to:

E-Journal Coordinator:  Contact click  HERE