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Current Education Requirements for Neurophysiology Health Workers in Australia as at 20/02/2017

Currently there is no set education route for Neurophysiology Health Professionals in Australia.

Workplaces vary with their requirements for employment. Most Neurophysiology Health Professionals in the public health sector are now required to have a Bachelor of Science with a human anatomy and physiology component. Practical training is generally provided by the workplace (if you are employed as a Trainee/New Graduate/similar). A workplace may expect you to complete the clinical neurophysiology subject at one of the universities offering this.

The Canberra Hospital offer a practical competence course for those wishing to complete their Competence in Neurophysiology.  The ACT Health Practical Program – Clinical Neurophysiology Scientist New Graduate Work Based Transition to Practice Programme is a self learning programme that offers competence assessment in Neurophysiology on completion of the course or one off competency assessments.  This course has been endorsed by ANTA Inc. as it fulfills the requirements for the ANTA Guidelines for practical Competence Course.  The Canberra Hospital Neurophysiology Training Package

ANTA Inc. is in the process of developing practical assessments in the Neurophysiology workplace within the association in the near future. This is a requirement for Accredited Membership of ANTA Inc. An update on the availability of practical assessments will be posted when available.

This should include a General Science degree preferably with Neurophysiology content (but not essential). Competence based training is also recommended although currently there is no national course available. We are working on this…..
Any further queries on educational matters please contact ANTA Inc. Education Representative- Contact click HERECharles Sturt UniversityBachelor of Medical Science PDF information sheetFurther details on these courses can be found at:Go To Under Graduate Medical Science


Associate Professor Jenny Wilkinson School of Biomedical Science Course Director
Charles Sturt University PO Box 883, ORANGE 2800 NSW. AUSTRALIA
Ph: (02) 6365 7828
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Associate Professor Jenny Wilkinson School of Biomedical Science Course

RMIT University

RMIT offers a Certificate IV in Clinical Neurophysiology. This is a newly revised two year program. Click on the following link to download detailed information.
Course – Perform electroencephalography-EEG
For further details on this course contact:

Veemita Kaul – Program Coordinator: Diploma in Clinical Neurophysiology
Dept. Health & Biosciences (51.4.04) RMIT University
GPO Box 2476V Melbourne 3001
Ph: +61 3 9925 4662
Fax: +61 3 9925 4144