OSET is the International Organisation of Societies for Electrophysiological Technologies.
OSET was established in 1975 in Berlin. The inaugural meeting took place in Amsterdam in 1977 and OSET was later registered in Switzerland.

The aims of the organisation are:
to promote education and the attainment of the highest level of knowledge and understanding in the field of Electrophysiological Technology.
to foster the goals of all member societies and encourage scientific research and investigation in the field of Electrophysiological Technology.
to improve the quality of instruction and teaching programmes, certificiation and qualification.
to supply information on standards and regulations in the field of Electrophysiological Technology.
to establish and maintain a collaboration with international and national member societies and associations in the field of Electrophysiological Technology.
Member countries include Australia, Canada, Germany, Finland, France, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

OSET has 5 Executive positions. All member countries are asked to nominate members for these positions. Officers of the Executive include the President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Member-at-large and Treasurer. The current President of OSET is Angela Borbelj from Australia.

OSET holds a Congress every 4 years. The most recent congress was the 9th OSET Congress which took in Bielefield, Germany from the 15-21 May 2011.

ANTA has an OSET Representative, currently Anna Exley (oset.anta@gmail.com) who is responsible for keeping the ANTA Executive informed of what is happening in OSET. Members of ANTA are automatically affiliated with OSET as ANTA pays fees to OSET for our membership. ANTA members are able to attend OSET congresses as part of this membership.

The oset website is http://www.oset.org/