Reading Guides


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A Manual of Electroencephalographic Technology.
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Fundamentals of EEG Technology.
Volume 1 – Basic Concepts and Methods
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Evoked Potentials in Clinical Medicine.
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Electroencephalography: Basic Principles, Clinical Applications and Related Fields.
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Some helpful Journal Articles are listed below:

EEG: Historical, Personal and Anecdotal
J.Electrophysiol. Technol. V7:p58-66 June 1981
The 10/20 Electrode System and Cerebral Location
Am. J. EEG Technol. V28:p269-279 1988

Practical Guide to Digital EEG
Am. J. EEG Technol. V32:p260-289 1992

Evoked Potentials: How? What? and Why?
Picton, Hink
J.Electrophysiol. Technol. V10:p5-43 1984